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Storage Container

The 35 sq2

1 Container

Perfect for Students, mini removals, overflowing house belongings.

Storage Container

The 70 sq2

2 Containers

Perfect for 1 bedroom flat, low amount of furniture

Storage Container

The 105 sq2

3 Containers

Perfect for 2-bedroom flat, medium amount of furniture and belongings

Storage Container

The 140 sq2

4 Containers

Perfect for 2-3 -bedroom property, high amount of furniture and belongings

Storage Container

The 175 sq2

5 Containers

Perfect for 3–4-bedroom property, high amount of furniture and belongings

Storage Container

The 210 sq2

6 Containers

Perfect for 4–5-bedroom property, high amount of furniture and belongings


Not sure? Use our free storage calculator

Providing storage and removals for over 12 years, we understand how difficult it is sometimes to calculate the volume of your property. 😉

Rates for loading/unloading of your goods

ContainersPriceMinimum chargeMen
1£140 (Vat incl.)1.5 hoursTeam of 2 men
2£190 (Vat incl.)2 hoursTeam of 2 men
3£290 (Vat incl.)3 hoursTeam of 3 men
4£390 (Vat incl.)3 hoursTeam of 3 men
5£490 (Vat incl.)3 hoursTeam of 4 men
6£590 (Vat incl.)3 hoursTeam of 4 men

At the time of booking your storage, for the customer opting for the container/s to their door, we will be requesting payment in advance only for the minimum charging time of loading.

Should it take more than the minimum charging time we will bill you for every half hour. Price will be confirmed upon completion of the job.

All our rates are inclusive of loading, dismantling and wrapping of furniture, if required.

Should the customer decide to dismantle their own furniture and make the loading quicker please contact us for extra advice.

For high rise buildings with a lift please let us know in advance so we can bring a special trolley for more efficient loading.

Customer self-drop-off:

FREE (Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm and Saturday by appointment only).

Customers can deliver or pick up items themselves with their own vehicle free of charge. When booking online you will have an option for self-drop-off.

Take a look at our London Storage Unit ➡️


Got questions?
We've got answers...

  • Where is your storage site located?

    35a Marsh Way, Rainham RM13 8UH

  • What is the size of each container?

    Each container is 155cm (5 feet) wide x 215cm (7 feet) deep x 245cm (8 feet) tall. This is 3.3 sq metres (35 square feet) and 8 cubic metres (280 cubic feet).

  • Is it possible to fit large pieces of furniture inside?

    Yes, it is very unlikely that an item of furniture will not fit.

  • Do I need to come to the storage premises if I’ve booked a removal and storage combined?

    No. We can take your items and place them in storage without you being there. You can sign all the relevant documents online.

  • Can I deliver or pick up my items myself, with my own vehicle?

    Yes, you can pick up or drop off belongings free of charge.

  • Is the storage site safe and secure?

    Yes, they are fully alarmed with CCTV. The premises are protected by security fencing and gates as well as the required safety measures.

  • Is it possible to access my belongings once they are in storage?

    Yes, as long as we are notified 5 working days before. There is an additional fee of £30 (VAT incl.)

  • Are there any restrictions on what I can store?

    Yes, there are a few exceptions, please refer to our terms and conditions

  • When I want to remove my belongings from storage permanently do I need to give you advance notice?

    Yes, please give us at least 5 working days notice.

  • Are my items insured?

    Yes. Each container has insurance for a total value of £7000. You can also purchase extra insurance if your items are worth more.

  • Do I need a padlock?

    No. Each container has is own self-locking system.

  • Extra info:

    Customers must fill out a detailed inventory list (provided by us at the time of the booking) and give it to our team when they come to collect their items.

  • Things to consider:

    At Rmv we pride ourselves in providing a competitive price to everyone. Please consider before booking storage with us that our facilities are designed for long term storage or with minimal to no access. A fee is always applied for handling of containers, and we require 5 working days notice for retrieval.

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Golders Green Self Storage Services Prices

We have the perfect solution for you.

Our bespoke design vans bring the storage container to your door, providing convenience and efficiency. With our top-rated removal service, we expertly dismantle, wrap, and load your furniture into the container right in front of you.

Experience the convenience, reliability, and personalized approach that sets us apart.

About Golders Green Self Storage Services

Here at Rmv Golders Green Removals our storage solutions are an integral part of our removal services. A large percentage of our customers also use and appreciate the different storage services we provide. Some of our customers find that the dates for moving out of their old property and for moving into their new home do not match up, so a storage room offers a safe and secure place to keep their belongings until their new property is ready.

For other customers who are downsizing, they trust our storage facilities to keep their furniture until they have become set up in their new home and whilst they decide what to do with their surplus furniture. We work with leading partners who offer premium storage facilities and collaborate with our providers to offer a seamless storage service. We make sure that your furniture is delivered and stored safely at a location of your choice. Our storage comes as part of your tailored, complete removals package should we advise you to hire storage.

Alternatively, if you are looking for just storage facilities and are not moving house we can also help ensure your furniture is kept safe and help you benefit from our exclusive offers.

Elizabeth D.

I have worked with RMV for many years for both private moves and for trade shows and events nationally and internationally. They are always fast, efficient, friendly, careful and respectful. I cannot recommend them more.

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