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  • How much notice do I need to give to book my removal?

    Usually it’s best to book at least a week in advance. We still welcome short notice jobs, please check with our team regarding availability. You can call us, drop us a line or chat via Whatsapp.

  • I’ve never moved before, can I book an assessment?

    Yes you can. We would love to visit you for a free no obligation quote. You can also send us a walkthough video of your property so we can assess further.

  • I need to move outside ondon, what areas do you cover?

    We cover the whole of the UK and also most European countries.

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RMV London
Your London Moving company

At the London Moving Company we usually combine our biggest luton vans which enables us to have the loading capability of a lorry without having the hassle of particular requirements such as a special parking permit.

Our crew are really where everything begins. Our team members are experts in their respective specialism and choose to work with us thanks to our commitment to customer service and doing the best job possible.

Stress-free and reliable removals in London

We understand how useful and important storage is for our valued customers. Crucially, we know that our customers want to be reassured that their belongings are safe throughout the whole removals and relocation process.

This is why storage can often play an important role in our holistic removals service. For our customers who require storage solutions as part of their holistic, tailored removals package, yoL can benefit from our exclusive offers and discounts provided by our leading storage facility partners. We also offer a unique service to our customers who only require storage aside from our holistic removals service.

If you would like to find out more about our storage facilities near Barnet, or in the local area near your new property, please do contact our team. Our team members have an expert understanding of the moving process and can advise you on the next best steps for your particular needs. To find out more about our prices and locations, please email or call the team today. We look forward to helping you, whatever the reason for your storage needs.

Matt G.

Riki and the team were great. They got the job done quickly, professionally and carefully.

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