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Storage payment

The 210 sq ft

(Partially charged until the end of the month, then £519.74 p/month)

Insurance cover


(£1,000 included for each container)

Self-drop off

Customer to self-deliver their belongings to RMV storage.

We’ll provide assistance to load on site


Including first storage payment, insurance & removal
All prices incl. VAT

Storage contract

Upon completion of your loading service and pick up of your belongings we will send a storage contract to be E-signed. You’ll receive a copy to your emails.


Please let us know as much information regarding parking at your property and avoid unnecessary charges. We’ll need 2 parking space to park our vehicles/s

Access of your goods while in storage

We do understand that our customers might need to access their goods from time to time. We can arrange access of your belongings at our facilities Monday to Friday and Saturday morning provided you give us 48 hours’ notice. Each access is £5 per container so we can cover the costs of handling your container/s.

Storage payment

The first payment will be partial up until the end of month. We will then charge on the 1st of each month. This is to facilitate our customers and have a set payment date.

Payments will be requested by Direct Debit. We will send a form to fill in once goods are in storage

Storage term and conditions

Please find our storage T&C here.