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About Bayswater Self Storage Services

Bayswater self storage services

RMV Bayswater Removals has strong partnerships with leading storage solution providers across the UK. We’ve been collaborating with our storage partners for over 8 years. We understand how useful and important storage is for our valued customers. Crucially, we know that our customers want to be reassured that their belongings are safe throughout the whole removals and relocation process. This is why storage can often play an important role in our holistic removals service.

For our customers who require storage solutions as part of their holistic, tailored removals package, you can benefit from our exclusive offers and discounts provided by our leading storage facility partners. We also offer a unique service to our customers who only require storage aside from our holistic removals service.

If you would like to find out more about our storage facilities near Bayswater, or in the local area near your new property, please do contact our team. Our team members have an expert understanding of the moving process and can advise you on the next best steps for your particular needs.

To find out more about our prices and locations, please email or call the team today. We look forward to helping you, whatever the reason for your storage needs.

Bayswater Self Storage Services Prices

including VAT
& insurance up to £7,000
for each container

storage prices in london


35 Square Feet
155cm (5 feet) wide
215cm (7 feet) deep
245cm (8 feet) tall

Bayswater Self Storage Services: Frequently Asked Questions

– Where is your storage site located?
Unit 1, Orbital Business Park, 5 Argon Road, Bayswater, N18 3BY

– What is the size of each container?
Each container is 155cm (5 feet) wide x 215cm (7 feet) deep x 245cm (8 feet) tall. This is 3.3 sq metres (35 square feet) and 8 cubic metres (280 cubic feet).

– Is it possible to fit large pieces of furniture inside?
Yes, it is very unlikely that an item of furniture will not fit.

– Do I need to come to the storage premises if I’ve booked a removal and storage combined?
No. We can take your items and place them in storage without you being there. You can sign all the relevant documents before we leave your property.

– Can I deliver or pick up my items myself, with my own vehicle?
Yes, you can pick up or drop off belongings free of charge.

– Is the storage site safe and secure?
Yes, they are fully alarmed with CCTV. The premises are protected by security fencing and gates as well as the required safety measures.

– Is it possible to access my belongings once they are in storage?
Yes, as long as we are notified 5 day before. There is no fee for this service.

– Are there any restrictions on what I can store?
Yes, there are a few exceptions, please refer to our terms and conditions

– When I want to remove my belongings from storage permanently do I need to give you advance notice?
Yes, please give us at least 5 days notice.

– Are my items insured?
Yes. Each container has insurance for a total value of £5000. You can also purchase extra insurance if your items are worth more.

– Do I need a padlock?
No. Each container has is own self-locking system.

-Extra info:
Customers must fill out a detailed inventory list (provided by us a the time of the booking) and give it to our team when they come to collect your items.