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A customer contacted us with a specific request for removal to a temporary apartment and storage service until they were ready to move to Andorra. We requested a walkthrough video of their property to accurately assess their requirements.

Once we received the video, we provided an all-inclusive price for packing, removals, storage, and the eventual removal to Europe. The customer was satisfied with the quote and proceeded to book our services.



On the scheduled day, our team arrived punctually at the customer's location. We efficiently loaded all items, including a unique bed made from scaffolding metal poles, which required disassembly. Additionally, we carefully wrapped and protected all other furniture using heavy-duty shrink wrap and removal blankets.

As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we also moved a few items to the temporary property while the remaining belongings were securely stored in our warehouse. Throughout the process, we promptly addressed any questions or concerns the customer had, ensuring they felt confident in our expertise.



Several months later, the customer informed us that they were ready to move to Andorra. We meticulously organized all aspects of the relocation, including handling customs documents for border control. We retrieved the items stored in our warehouse as well as the belongings from the temporary property.

With everything in order, we embarked on the journey to Andorra. The challenging route through snowy mountains, equipped with chains on our wheels, did not hinder our team's ability to overcome the obstacles.


Review &

Upon arrival at the Andorra border, we completed the necessary customs procedures and proceeded directly to the customer's property. Due to the location's challenging access, we obtained a special permit to park our vehicle safely and efficiently.

Our team unloaded all of the customer's belongings and furniture, ensuring proper assembly as required. We documented the final setup by taking pictures and promptly shared them with the customer, who was still in London. After receiving approval and positive feedback, we made our journey back to London.

The customer expressed their utmost satisfaction and awarded us a 5-star review. Their positive experience showcased our commitment to professionalism, attention to detail, and excellent customer service. As a removal and storage company, we take pride in providing seamless and reliable solutions to meet our customers' needs, ensuring their belongings are handled with utmost care and precision throughout the entire process.