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Removal to Storage - Garden Shed


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A customer approached us with a requirement for storage services. They needed a safe and secure place to store their belongings while their new property was being prepared. After discussing their needs, we provided them with a detailed assessment and an all-inclusive quote for the packing, removals, and storage services. Satisfied with the quote, the customer confirmed their booking.



On the scheduled day, our team arrived promptly at the customer's location. We carefully loaded all the items into our storage containers, ensuring their safety during transit and storage. Additionally, the customer had a special requirement: they needed us to disassemble a massive garden shed or summer house located in their backyard.

We efficiently dismantled the shed, labelling each component for easy reassembly in the future. The customer's concerns and questions were promptly addressed, ensuring they felt confident in our abilities.



After securely packing and loading the customer's belongings into our storage containers, we transported them to our secure storage facility. Each item was catalogued and stored safely, guaranteeing their protection throughout the storage period.

. Meanwhile, the disassembled components of the garden shed were carefully packed and stored separately, ready for the eventual rebuild.


Garden Shed
Disassembly and Rebuild

When the customer was ready to move to their new property, they contacted us to retrieve their belongings from storage. Additionally, they requested that we reassemble the garden shed at the new location. Our team meticulously organized the logistics, ensuring a smooth transition. We retrieved the stored items, including the shed components, and transported them to the customer's new property.

With utmost care and expertise, we reconstructed the garden shed at the new location. Our team followed the labelled components, ensuring a precise and accurate rebuild. We worked diligently to ensure that the shed was not only reassembled but also properly secured and functional. Throughout the process, we maintained clear communication with the customer, providing updates and addressing any concerns.

Upon completion of the shed rebuild and the successful unloading of the customer's belongings, we obtained the customer's approval. We ensured that everything was in order, and the customer expressed their satisfaction with the final result.



The successful completion of the removals to storage, as well as the disassembly and rebuild of the garden shed, demonstrated our expertise and commitment to customer service. Our comprehensive solutions, attention to detail, and efficient processes ensured a seamless experience for the customer. We take pride in our ability to meet special requirements and provide customized services to meet the unique needs of each customer.