Two weeks to go

>>Two weeks to go

Two weeks to go

Two Weeks To Go

It’s time to start dismantling your carefully crafted home, room by room, plus there is another raft of people to notify.

* If you’ve decided to pack for yourself, the marathon begins! Work through non-essential items – books, ornaments, out-of-season clothes, toys – and mark the boxes with what’s inside and what room it needs to end up in.

* Send change of address cards or use an online service to notify friends and family of your new details and the date.

* Confirm the details with your removal firm.

* Arrange a time to collect the keys from the estate agent.

Notification Checklist

* Financial companies – These include your bank, credit card, investments, savings accounts, loans, life assurances, pensions, and shares.

* Doctor, dentist, optician – Deregister if you’re moving out of the area or notify your existing suppliers of your change of contact details.

* Post – It takes five days to set up the instruction to redirect your post, so to be on the safe side visit the post office or complete the online form (opens in a new window)now.

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* Deliveries – Notify deliveries such as milk and newspapers that you are moving and the date on which you’d like the service to stop.

* Electoral register – Don’t lose your right to vote – go online to update your details.

* TV licence – If you don’t notify TV Licensing of your new address, you could end up being unlicensed in your new home, risking prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000, so complete the form online(opens in a new window) or call 0844 800 6722.

* Friends and relatives – Sending cards by post can be expensive- go through your email address book and send a message with your new details.

* Non-essential organisations – Don’t overlook connections you may have to charities, loyalty cards, subscriptions, gym membership, and mail order and internet companies.

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