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Rmv – Hoxton Moving Company draws on 10 wonderful years of helping our customers relocate from Hoxton and Shoreditch to across London the Uk and Europe.

We have met people of all kinds as they embark on starting their new life in their new home, and we are proud to say that we were a part of making that happen.

Experience has shown us that only by providing our uniquely bespoke, tailored removal service, can you have the most smooth, efficient relocation, as the most competitive prices.

Our team are really where everything begins. Our team members are experts in their respective specialism and choose to work with us thanks to our commitment to customer service and doing the best job possible

Are you ready to make the move? You’re in good hands! Here’s what to do next: One of our specialist removal professionals will visit your premises, we will then provide a full assessment of the removal job. At this point, we will provide you with a time estimation and your tailored quote.

Contact us for further information and to get started with your removal assessment.

Hoxton Moving Company Prices

After a extensive assessment either over the phone or upon visiting your house or office we will estimate how long your move will take.

We charge for household and office moves at a fixed price which is based on distance between properties, how much petrol is needed and how many vans and individuals from our Hoxton Moving Company team are required. The final price quoted is based on all costs included and there will be no hidden charges on top of the final bill.

Please get in touch and fill out our quick estimate form from our website.

Prices start from just £99

Hoxton Packing Services & Materials

No time for packing? Let us do all the hard work for you. We turn up the day before your move and prepare your house for your next day Hoxton removal. We also have a great range of packaging materials at your disposal.

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Packaging Materials

Storage Prices for Hoxton Moving Company

Storage Prices

About Hoxton Moving Company: Quotation/Booking Form

If you’d like to make a booking, we ask that you always provide us with a booking form with full details of the job/order (fields marked with * are mandatory). This enables us to make sure that there are no misunderstandings or lost details regarding the job/order, and acts as written confirmation for what has been agreed.

For urgent bookings or queries please feel free to call us on: 0208 0900 232. To make a booking or for online quotations please use the form on the right.


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