What is a Man and Van Service?

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What is a Man and Van Service?

With this peace of material I’ll attempt to explain what ‘man and van’ service is. How companies and consumers treat it and also what is the difference between the two concepts, if any. Man and van is one of the most searched and ordered type of moving service. People often compare it with house/office removals and get confused that is why I think there should be a post for this. If not the first one of the many.

How can someone get confused? There those of us who might be asked this type of question. Moving is a big particle of life, which all go through, but one move is not the same as the next one.

There are those of us that have had their share in relocating from one location to another countless times. Experiences like that help in building confidence. Each and every next time you are more and more confident in yourself that those previous mistakes won’t happen again. If all of you’re relocations were within the country there is a high possibility that you’ve used the services of a single firm. When one has to move a lot you have to be informed on services, prices, pricing etc. That doesn’t intentionally mean it applies to every single person.

Relocating is indeed a very big peace of life, which we all have to fit. However, in most of the cases it’s a one time journey, which is never repeated. The same knowledge experienced consumers can’t be fitted in to the heads of every next client wishing to relocate.

Man and van is a rather simple service aiming to aid one’s move. When you’re relocating on your own accord you generally don’t need any help. However, when it comes down to shifting big pieces of furniture your strength alone won’t be enough. For such occasions exists van and a man moving service. Their rates are based on the hour and the number of men you might require. There are some exceptionally enormous relocations, which require a small army to be accomplished.

Removals is referred as a complete moving service. The removalists come few days before the scheduled relocation date, pack the customer’s belongings. To that also falls the furniture disassembling. On the scheduled time and date they come around, load everything you ever owned and drive off to the designated location. What is so wrong about that? What else than the cost for it. Most of the times only large families book this sort of a moving service. Either they don’t have the time or they don’t want to be packing on their day off, makes no difference.

The removal type of service can be customised by the client to his liking. It can appear as a man and van service, but it fact it is a removal. Only difference is that when you’re booked for man and van you can’t add additional service/s. For instance customised packing, only fragile belongings. None the less there is a difference in cost too, but that actually depends on the company you’ve hired.

I personally know only one man and van services in South London that provide the stated above services. Check the link if you’re interested in them. If you believe I’ve missed out on something in this post write a comment and I’ll be sure to check it out and reply.