Home Vacuum Cleaner – A Brief History

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Home Vacuum Cleaner – A Brief History

Now a days, the vacuum cleaners a.k.a. Hoovers, are one of the most common used household tool for cleaning. If we turn back our heads taking a peak of the pas, we will see that the cleaning was a task performed with tools way much primitive compared to modern ones.

And while all those tools were mostly of big worth to person for home cleaning, who back then had nothing else to use for cleaning. From then, we have certainly made many developments.

What set the cleaning industry alight, was the industrial revolution in London during 19th century. Before those years, the cleaning and sweeping was done with brushes and has been like king in cleaning, and actually back then they hadn’t so much things to clean, therefore it was very sufficient.

As for the constant growth and expand of tree mining, the heavy use of coal fuel throughout all London, the dust and grime had increased significantly in short period of time.

Actually there were a days, that the air itself was so filled with coal dust, it was fell onto people’s clothes.

A huge propaganda campaign had been launched around this time period, warning the people having a goal to make them a bit scared about the gravity of the dust situation.

Basically at that time, to put it simple, the overall living and people’s health were in grave danger.

The dust was not controllable and all types of cleaning goods had an enormous jump in sales. Back then was against this backdrop that the early hoover was created. Showed firstly in Chicago during 1865, this hand pumped device lead the way for developing of vacuum cleaners.

Followed by many comparable products, the design transformed an increasingly intricate as the years passed by, with the constant developing and manufacturing the vacuum cleaners grew progressively with more complex capabilities, and they have been used as sideboards, among other things.

However the early models required two people to operate it, a machine so non user friendly. If you think about it, all inventions at first were big, enormously huge. See ENIAC computer, taking a whole room of racks and shelves.

Of course since the electricity emerged, many things had changed in the course of developing vacuum cleaners. Wit the use of fan engine and a pillow case for dust collector, a man holding the name,

Spangler started a trend. Not long after, William H. Hoover founded his company, and the rest, as people say, is history.