Our handy checklist for movers

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Our handy checklist for movers

Here’s our handy checklist of things that movers can sometimes forget!

They say that having an internet connection at home is crucial to quality of life in the 21st century- it’s a basic, human need according to the comical, updated version of Maslow’s Hierarchy!But joking aside, setting up Wi-Fi can take 1-4 weeks to get set up from first ordering. And when you are without out, those 1st world problems suddenly seem embarrassingly real.

After all, we’re used to Wi-Fi, it’s part of the furniture- almost the oxygen we breath! Make sure you set it up before your Shoreditch removal takes place to minimise the time you spend disconnected.

When you first view a new house or apartment, you may see those small handy jobs as just minute details in the grand scheme of things, maybe even quirks that bring charm to the home.

However, if they truly get in the way of you living your life, they are going to cause you a lot of stress.

For example:

make sure that the toilet and shower is working before moving in, or call on one of our professional Shoreditch Removals handymen on the job!

Your life can’t just stop, just because you’ve moved home- make sure you’ll be able to move in and live with the basics working.

Don’t forget to pack a bag that you keep with you, with the absolute bare essentials to get by for at least a week, if not two. This can include, tea, coffee, toiletries, toilet paper, the iron and ironing board, a few plates and mugs, and more… this will depend on you, so make sure you have a think about what types of items you’ll need to keep close by. This will help take the pressure off your unpacking.

How the RMV London Removal team can help: