Four Weeks To Go

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Four Weeks To Go

The exchange of contracts means you’ve passed the point of no return, and the move is definitely on.

You’ll be glad of everything you’ve tackled ahead of time as now you need to start the process of contacting pretty much everyone in your address book, both personal and theutilities. First on the list should be organisations who send you bills connected to the house you are leaving.

  • Confirm the date of the move so you have a fixed point of reference.

  • Make a floor plan of your new home, colour code each room, and stick co-ordinating stickers on each box so the removers know where to deposit it.

  • Insurance- Notify your contents insurer and arrange to move the cover to the new address from the day you move in.Buildings insurance needs to start on your new home from the day you exchange contracts. Also remember other policies including: life; motor; medical; pets.

  • Gas – Let them know your move is imminent, and remember you’ll need totake final readings just before you leave.

  • Electricity – Again, inform them and take readings before you leave.

  • Phone – Inform both landline and mobile services of the date of the move and your new address.

  • Council Tax – Most councils have websites, so visit yours to submit details of when you leave your old house and move into your new.

  • Water – Let them know the date you are moving out and take a reading before you leave.

  • Employer – Let your HR department know your new details, and inform the tax office if you are self employed.

  • Schools – Don’t forget to update your kid’s contacts too.

  • Locksmith – Book a slot to change the locks in your new home as soon as you arrive.

  • Solicitor – If your conveyancer is not your usual solicitor, be sure to let them know your new information.

  • Internet Service Provider and cable/satellite TV – Arrange for the service to be transferred or shop around for a better deal.

  • Benefits – Update your records for any social security payments you may receive.