3 02, 2015

Home Vacuum Cleaner – A Brief History

2018-04-18T17:47:09+01:00February 3rd, 2015|

Now a days, the vacuum cleaners a.k.a. Hoovers, are one of the most common used household tool for cleaning. If we turn back our heads taking a peak of the pas, we will see that the cleaning was a task performed with tools way much primitive compared to modern ones. And while all those [...]

3 01, 2015

What is a Man and Van Service?

2018-04-18T17:48:21+01:00January 3rd, 2015|

With this peace of material I’ll attempt to explain what ‘man and van’ service is. How companies and consumers treat it and also what is the difference between the two concepts, if any. Man and van is one of the most searched and ordered type of moving service. People often compare it with house/office [...]

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